Privé Jet Sales LLC Services:


Whether it’s buying or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft PRIVE is committed to providing extraordinary customer service and getting our clients aircraft sold in a timely manner. PRIVE will handle marketing, market research, and assist in contract negotiations. PRIVE provides its clients with a weekly update including all inquiries, market changes (recent sales, New aircraft to the market, aircraft withdrawn from the market etc.)

1. Initial Consulting- Evaluate the aircraft to establish a fair market value and provide a detailed analysis of the current market conditions including a sold summary for similar aircraft.

2. Marketing- PRIVE markets through direct mail, Print and Internet advertising reaching over 50,000 current aircraft owners and prospects as well as consistent phone calls to potential buyers.

3. Documents- PRIVE can provide model contracts, escrow agreements and will
assist you with negotiations on the terms and conditions of the transaction.

4. Pre-Purchase inspection- PRIVE will oversee the inspection to help insure that all discrepancies found in the pre-purchase inspection are legitimate and accurate.

5. Closing- we will provide a detailed checklist from our closing specialist to assist in making sure all of the documents are in place and accurate at the time of closing.


The buyer benefits from our in depth knowledge of the markets and from our 20+ years of experience in purchasing aircraft. Our acquisition services include:

1. Initial consulting- pricing and evaluation of the target model aircraft market

2. Selection process - Selecting the right aircraft model that fits your mission

3. Assist in contracts and negotiations

4. Pre-purchase inspection oversight- PRIVE is one of the few firms in the industry to provide this service to our clients at no additional fee. Our in house technical representative will assist in coordinating the pre-purchase inspection and provide our clients with progress reports through out the inspection.

5. Financing options- we can assist in finding you the right lender that best fits your needs.

6. Privacy Protection- PRIVE can help strategize an ownership structure that will help protect the privacy of our clients


PRIVE will assist in finding a reputable completion center with good pedigree and oversee the selection of interior choices, floor plans, and general outfitting for the new aircraft. Our Technical representative will oversee all aspects of the interior being installed to mitigate any discrepancies prior to our client taking delivery of its new aircraft or newly refurbished aircraft. 


PRIVE will organize and oversee the conduct of the Pre-Purchase Inspection (“PPI”) on site with the respective authorized service center in order to ensure that the aircraft has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers requirements, any applicable airworthiness directives have been complied with correctly and in due time, review all of the maintenance work orders and logbook entries for the aircraft and have a physical inspection of the aircraft undertaken in combination with any required due maintenance and / or inspections. 

The extent of the PPI will be subject to the age of the respective aircraft, the total hours flown and status of the due maintenance / inspections, but will always include the requirement for the engines and (where applicable) the APU boroscope examination.
The results of the PPI and interpretation will assist in the final decision as to whether or not to proceed with the aircraft purchase and support the justification for any negotiation in price reduction.


PRIVE will provide you with the convenience of a turnkey flight department. We take the hassle out of operating your own aircraft, and allow you to focus on what is important to you and your business. Personalized service and attention to detail and safety are the primary focus of our aircraft management program.

From hiring and managing pilots, to coordinating your flights, and all other ground arrangements, we make sure that every trip you take is on schedule and safe.

PRIVE will also arrange, coordinate, and manage all technical aspects of your aircrafts’ maintenance.

When it comes to managing your aircraft, we offer a professional and fully transparent service to ensure safety of your aircraft and control the associated costs of ownership.


The most common trend we see in first time buyers is purchasing the wrong aircraft. PRIVE will evaluate your travel mission and provide you with an unbiased opinion to help make the most accurate decision that fits your needs.  Whether it’s recommending a fractional share or purchasing a new or pre-owned aircraft.


PRIVE can assist with Aircraft Evaluations and Appraisals upon request. If you or your company requires a 3rd party evaluation to establish an unbiased fair market value of your aircraft prior to listing the aircraft for sale we can help.  We also provide Appraisals for diminution of value, bookkeeping, Tax and estate planning